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About Us

Based in Burnaby, we provide quality services and satisfaction to a wide clientele around North America. We serve British Columbia and other adjoining regions with our flexible service and products in axles, trailers and trailer parts. 

Specializing in trailers, we manufacture axles to custom fit your needs. Anything needed for your trailer, we’ve got it! From brake assemblies to galvanized products to jacks, we are your one stop shop for any trailer parts. And if we don’t have it in stock, we can still get it for you!  We have come a long way to make sure our customers come and leave happy with the work that we have done. 

We have developed a strong foothold in the Axle and Trailer market with our commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Your safety is our priority and we provide long lasting and reliable axle construction, repair and maintenance.

You can contact us for any question regarding axles, trailers, and their purchase or repair. You can call us at (604) 291-6648 with your questions or to request a quote