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Quality Assurance

M & B Axle & Trailer Repair Ltd is a leading axle and trailer builder and repair service provider based in Burnaby BC. We provide service in axles, trailer parts, brakes, suspensions, tires and wheels etc.

Our success in the Axle and Trailer industry can be attributed to our commitment to quality and valu. We understand the growing demand of the industry and the impetus being laid on safety. Axles and trailers need regular servicing to maximize performance and avoid mishaps. Hence, we provide quality and professional service of axles and trailers.

We ensure that every axle and trailer is in great condition. We check any damage or defect in the functioning of the axles and trailers. Whether, it is a private or a commercial client, we give due attention and international standard service to our clients.

At M & B Axle & Trailer Repair Ltd, we offer quality assurance to our clients for our parts and accessories inclusive of axles, trailers, brakes, brake parts, suspension parts etc (mentioned on the site) and also on service (repair and maintenance) offered by us.